Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Talking As Fast As I Can is the journey Lauren Graham takes us on as she starts out in school plays as a teenager, gets her English Degree while keeping active in theater, finds her way into getting her MFA, works lots of odd jobs while working any commercial she can, and suddenly becoming Lorelai Gilmore for seven full seasons which ends almost as unexpectedly as it began, her time on Parenthood, and concluding in the whirlwind of bringing Lorelai back to Stars Hollow.

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At 205 pages this book was a quick read moving through Graham’s story quaintly interspersed with stories of fashion, dating adventures, odd jobs, hollywood diet secrets, a helpful writing accountability method, and the chaos of being an actor. There were various moments that I particularily relate to as a writer and actor that other readers won’t find as enjoyable, but Graham does her best to keep things light and comedic instead of gettting clogged down with the details of acting and writing. Overall it is a fun read to see her path to becoming a Gilmore girl and dive into different memories of bringing the show to life twice. Definitely one any GG fan should read!

Because this is a library book I did not underline any of the quotes I particularily enjoyed so sorry that I do not have any great truths to retell you I guess you will have to read the book for yourself!


The Signet Book of Short Plays edited by Jerry Weiss

I have been reading through these short plays when I get the chance and just finished the last two today. Here are my thoughts play by play.

Life by Asphyxiation by Kia Corthron- not enjoyable, not one I would recommend

Farley and Betsy by Daisy Foote- a little better, but still not recommendable

Blind Date by Horton Foote- a silly one that I did enjoy and can recommend

Suppressed Desires by Susan Glaspell- I was worried how this one would end, but it turned out all right so I can suggest it

Lily’s Crossing by Greg Gunning- I loved it, so intense and emotional in the right way, recommend

Variations on the Death of Trotsky by David Ives- exactly like it sounds, you can read it

Coming Through the Rye by William Saroyan- intriguing birth story that gets you thinking about life, recommend

No Skronking by Shel Silverstein- a silly one that I would recommend

Visit to a Small Planet by Gore Vidal- enjoyable and would recommend, definitely another one that gets you thinking

Tender Offer by Wendy Wasserstein- I’m still not sure about this one, I think it’s okay

The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden by Thorton Wilder- a little confusing in how it is set up and I don’t really see the point of it

The Case of the Crushed Petunias: A Lyrical Fantasy by Tennessee Williams- interesting piece about human nature I can recommend

Books with multiple stories within.


This month I finished some books that are made up of different stories.

One is Blackbirds and Dragons, Mermaids and Mice a collection of plays for children by Sandra Fenichel Asher. In this 166 page book there are 5 plays that range from 30-50 minute show times and are all simple pieces with casts of 10 or under with room for extras. These are fun, imaginative pieces that I could easily see myself directing with children.


Another book I read was Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson which is 266 pages of 6 different fantasy short stories that I thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the stories I just read recently (last 3, I think) were fun, but then seemed to end anticlimactically for the buildup of the story. Now I read the other stories a year ago before this book got packed away so now I cannot remember the details of how each story ended. They might have also ended in an unsatisfying manner without me realizing it at the time. However, I will certainly read these stories again. They are 30-70 pages mixing fantasy fun into our reality, and sometimes bringing us into a similar yet fantastical world.

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I had to ask for forgiveness.

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This week at work I made a mistake and ruffled some feathers of a co-worker. It was something I could easily have done for her but chose not to various reasons. Thinking back on it that night I realized how silly and selfish I was. More importantly I realized that I now had a choice. I could put my faith into action by humbling myself and asking for forgiveness in order to settle things before the night ends or just breeze through work pretending like nothing happened because confrontation makes me cry.


In this moment of decision-making I thought of two radio stations. J93.3 the Joy FM and 104.7 the FISH, our two main Christian radio stations in Georgia. As I listen to these stations I notice some significant differences between the two. J93.3 is in several cities throughout GA and FL, has a prayer hotline they remind listeners to call in with requests during the day, has a family feel, advertises for Medishare, the Kirk Cameron marriage conference, a furniture store run by Christians, and other appropriate sponsors, shares stories of asking for forgiveness and putting their faith into action, and prays for the tragedies happening in our nation among other positive listening. 104.7 is only in Atlanta, I have not heard a call for listeners to send in prayer requests, it feels like a performance, advertises for Ideal Image, Progressive Medical Center, Quick Weight Loss centers, tells jokes that are a little rude and slightly offensive, and I don’t remember hearing any prayers after big events. The last time I decided to listen to The Fish (probably a month ago) I only lasted maybe ten minutes because of the Ideal Image ad that came on telling Christians that we need to be self-conscious about and dissatisfied with the body God purposefully gave to us which is something I already addressed here.

As I thought of The Fish I likened the popular station to the mass ATL listeners who may or may not be regularly attending church, studying their Bible, and praying daily. I thought of how J93.3 actually challenges and encourages me in my faith instead of playing positive music for people to claim Christ while driving and forget about Him the rest of the day. My final thoughts were “Do I want to be a 104.7 listener who ignores conviction and will be denied by Christ at judgement despite my driving ears or do I want to follow the example of Christ-followers on J93.3 who take the time to not only do the hard and right thing in repenting and asking for forgiveness, but are also open to share the truth of Christianity with listeners, admitting that sin to listeners reminding us that no Christian is perfect, but we are all capable of acting in righteousness as Carmen did?”

It was hard and not my favorite thing and I did cry while texting my co-worker, but I was able to sleep easy that night after forgiveness and reconciliation occurred. After I texted I thought, “Okay I am not responsible for the other person’s response. Don’t get worried about it; I have done what God wants and I cannot control the conversation. Just be faithful.” And, of course, the Lord blessed me through my obedience as my co-worker responded graciously not only forgiving me, but encouraging me in my work and the way I am eager to help with a smile whatever the situation. The rest of the week at work was normal for us in our interactions without any tension or drama (between us- the clients is another story!).

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Obviously, my co-workers and I are now all ducks in a row! 

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter by W. Bruce Cameron

As much as I would like to keep my post about A Place to Land in the forefront as much as possible I have read another book since then.

Bruce Cameron’s book is not only an enjoyable bought of comic relief for dad’s of teenage daughters but also the inspiration for the TV show by the same name which was much enjoyed in its run from 2002-2005.

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At 315 pages Cameron’s book touches on a variety of subjects fathers will encounter as their little girls grow into young women. Cameron has some very strict rules and ideas about his daughters growing up and readers learn how it is the father’s job to set boundaries even if they will be completely ignored for “being irrational”. Cameron also describes how his wife is useless in keeping the girls from dating, constantly taking money from their dad, getting a license to drive, actually getting them to do chores, and a number of other silly teen notions for which his wife seems to think are a right of passage or something frivolous like that! This books entails the many aspects of girls growing up exampling different scenarios dad’s may encounter in the last decade of their daughters’ lives at home including the way an argument between daughters can suddenly result in them going to the mall together with dad’s $60 or how much it will cost dad for his daughter to finally get a job.

I would recommend this book for those who watched the tv show like I did since I remembered various scenes and clips in my head as I read along, also for anyone who deals regularly with teenagers, or for someone just looking for a laugh related to real life. This book certainly made me want to watch some reruns!