A Place to Land by Kate Motaung

Kate’s memoir is thick with emotion declaring the reality of the fragility of life and our longing for a true home which can only be satisfied in following Christ home to Heaven.


To say that I enjoyed Kate’s book would be a significant understatement. (Just ask my husband!) As I read through the book last week I traveled with Kate tearing up over her discovery of South Africa- reminding me of the beautiful place I no longer reside, hating divorce and the havoc satan wreaks on families in this manner, enjoying Kate and Kagiso’s relationship development, seeing the pain of cancer amplified by living a world apart from those you love, and rejoicing in the homecoming of a beautiful believer who lived as though her home has always been in Heaven.

Kate brings vulnerability forefront as she opens up to readers about her struggle through life to find a permanent home, a place to belong, and shares the trouble of moving often. Most importantly, she keeps Christ center as her story weaves through different experiences and emotions to which readers can easily relate.


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I would love to go into detail about the book and different favorite moments, but you really ought to read it for yourself! I would highly recommend A Place to Land and remind readers that there is a limited supply of signed books available when you order directly from Discovery House. Be sure to buy your copy today and enter the giveaway where you could get a prize pack in addition to the book! 

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And just for fun I wanted to include a bit more without giving too much away.

There are so many countless moments where Kate brings the truth in a simple line that cuts straight to the heart it was difficult to choose which sentences to share. Here are some favorites with my commentary as follows:

Sarah and Kent’s home accommodated all eleven of us, and I felt every letter of the word community What a beautiful expression of true hospitality as God intended for His people.

The next morning I was still angry at the sun for shining. and later in the same paragraph-  It hurt to walk, but I had to keep going. As with the rest of life, that’s the only way I would ever get home. Some hard truths of not always being happy in this life.

My story, and my bruise, were fading- and so was my mom. Such powerful imagery.

Stop saying, “It’s not fair” and start saying, “Thank you.” 

[God] didn’t ask me to lunge headfirst into the unknown. He waited to reveal the next brick in the pavement, and then stepped out in front of me to show me that it was a safe place to land. 

You’re not the only one who can take care of her. I’ve got this.  I know this feeling! Whenever I get obsessed over a friend wanting them to have the best relationship with God I have to remember that He loves that person more than I ever can. I want what is best for that person which is Christ, so why wouldn’t I pray for that person truly entrusting them to Christ? Sometimes God needs us to get out of the way so He can get to the root.

I wanted him to read my mind, to just know my needs and meet them without even having to be asked. Instead, he hovered over me, with no idea what to do. I had to be intentional about voicing my desires, making specific requests during my point of need. This is a huge part of marriage! So often we know what we need from our spouse when they have no idea and we get upset because they are different than us and we never communicated our needs and desires in these moments. People aren’t lying when they say communication is key in marriage and every relationship!

I wrestled [God] through many tears and reluctantly dumped my will onto the airplane tray when the flight attendant asked if she could take my trash. My job was to sit down on the plane; He would determine the place to land. A real picture of the difficulty of trusting God with those you love the most, especially if you are a world apart.

Raised eyebrows revealed their uncertainty about whether we knew what we were doing. Truthfully, we had no idea. We were just trying to obey. 

After some deliberation, the scales of my heart tipped in favor of South Africa’s national soccer team, Bafana Bafana. There’s nothing like two months of nonstop blowing vuvuzelas to solidify a girl’s identity in a place. My love for South Africa was sealed. I may not be one of hers by birth, but she adopted me as her own. It’s about time, Kate. Welcome to the Rainbow Nation.

Pain has a purpose. 

The beloved church family half a world away, who held up our arms as we grew weak in battle. A fun reference to Moses and a good picture of community.

So we talked about the aches, and we talked about the homesickness. And we remembered that we are supposed to be homesick no matter where we live because we’re not home yet. 

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The Motaung family. 


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